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Big Toys Plan

We all know that toys are more than just playthings. We also know that not only do they help develop different skills in children; it helps them develop to their fullest potential. Toys are a store house of knowledge, illustrations, strategy, logic, concentration and fun. More the kids use them, more they learn. So why there has to be a limitation in providing such resources which are very costly and bulky, so called Big Toys ? Don't you think children's need even expensive & bigger size toys along with other toys and books that child gets on rent from Khilonewala

We at Khilonewala feel that the demand of big toys is growing very fast. So Khilonewala now offers Toy Rental Plans for Branded Big Toys also. For better understanding lets first understand what does Big Toys means:

What are Big Toys ?

Big toys are toys which every child enjoys to play with, as they are Big & Bulky in size and are quite expensive as well . These toys provides lots of fun moment, along with group entertainment. Generally their value ranges from Rs 1000 to more than Rs 8000

Benefits of Khilonewala's Big Toys Plan

  • Simple to understand
  • Low in Cost & High in Value
  • Longer the duration of plan, Higher the discount
  • Delivery & Pickup facility available. No delivery charges for Self-Pickup & Drop

Khilonewala offers special plans for BIG TOYS…Now parents can provide their children Big Toys on nominal RENT .Khilonewala is committed to make your child playtime a fun-filled one! Plans vary from Biweekly Plans to Four week Plans having TOP UP RENTAL SYSTEM. Details of the plans are given below:

Plan Rental Charges (2 Weeks) Refundable Deposit
Non-Electronic Toys Electronic Toys
Big Toys Plan 10% of MRP 15% of MRP Rs 2000

Brands We Keep

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