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Top 4 Educational Toys To Rent from Khilonewala Toy Library in Chennai to Boost Overall Growth of Your Kids

Every parent wants their kids to be a bright spark and their favorite toys to drive their intelligence while staying amusing and keeping them engaged for a long period of time.

There are several toys out there which fit this brief and come with all sorts of big promises. The toys Khilonewala toy library in Chennai have chosen and offer are all beneficial and appropriate for every developmental stages of your kids through play, which allows kids to take advantage of their creativity and boosts their thinking, physical and motor skills, through delivering them instructions to follow in an amusing manner, the ability to process the information, put across their emotions and solve issues and a lot more.

Of the several latest and popular toys our toy library has tested, few best brain-boosting purchases available to take on rent right now for kids of every age and stage. Curious minds would surely love getting any one of these below mentioned toys which are not only fun to play with, but are educational too. There’s a little something for the kids of all ages on this below elucidated 2018 list of top educational toys.

Take a Look at the Top 4 Educational Toys to Boost the Overall Skills of Your Kids:

  • Magnetic Wooden Calendar:

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With the speedily rising needs of toys in the early growth years of kids, Khilonewala toy library in Chennai have opened a new world of imagination, fun and vision for kids of all ages. The magnetic Wooden Calendar is an interesting educational toy, which is a clock basically helping your kids to learn about seasons, days, week, months and time. This toy assists children in their overall growth and stimulates their imagination, hand-eye coordination and spatial skills.

  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Set:

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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Set is a 9 wooden piece set with sliceable fruit & vegetables. This wooden play food set will help your little tots recognize the different fruits and vegetables. You can get this incredible fresh fruit and vegetable set on rent at Khilonewala, a pioneering online toy library in Chennai easily!

  • Happy Farm Building Blocks:

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This happy farm building block set is just apt for spending quality time with your parents and friends. This toy is made up of high-quality plastic and is absolutely safe for children and strengthens the eye and hand coordination, cognitive skills and spatial skills of your kids. Among all the educational toys, the building blocks are highly admired by the toddlers and preschoolers of all ages, as it is both fun and challenging to play with and amplifies their problem-solving skills.

  • A to Z Magnatab:

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Let your kids explore their creativity & recognize the alphabetical symbols while playing with the A to Z Magnatab. This toy allows your kids to make use of their imagination to draw or trace the letters. This toy is generally used as a learning instrument mostly for preschoolers and kindergarten students. It is one of the most successful approaches to teach them basic alphabets letters while playing.

Today, toys are not just meant for playing or for fun, rather it is an exceptional way to stimulate your kid’s overall growth. So, stay updated with Khilonewala– a leading online toy library in Chennai‘s new rental educational toys offerings, browse here NOW!

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