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Outlining the Hottest Big Kid Toys to Look for in 2018

We know all this really well that how tough it can get to find the best and age-appropriate big kid toys your growing kids before it’s too late. However, predicting what will be the next big thing might assist you avoid massive and constant meltdowns and outbursts.

From those big toys on rent which channel all that energy into enjoyment outside to those who embrace their passions and few toys that even teach them some really important things, there are few super cool toys for growing kids. Below we have listed some of the hottest toys for kids of age group between 9 to 12 years and one of them will definitely be a hit during the tween in your life.

Here are some of the best picks of the most amazing big kid toys on the market today!

Check Out The Hottest Big Kid Toys to Look for in 2018:

  • Mechanix Robotix:

Big Kid Toys

This big kid toy is a specialized mechanix for the passionate bike lovers, which comes in wide varieties of models, kids can select from a scooter to a cruiser and create their dream bike daily. Its parts are being crafted with the help of a high quality steel, superior plastics and chosen tools, which are very friendly for the kids’ hands and aspire them to sustain with the wheezing pace of their minds! These construction big toy sets take the shape of incredible assortment of bikes. It teaches kids about art of designing and fast construction, unleashes their creativity with more and better imaginative models and helps them learn the basic methods of building new things with the help of instruments or tools.

  • Table Soccer Game:

Big Kid Toys on Rent

Table soccer game is a fun game which is played on a foosball table. As this game involves playing soccer on a table, the kids use their eyes and hands constantly to play and win the game. This game involves 2 to 4 game players that are competing through moving the little foosball men on the foosball table. It is one of the best big kid toys to play with family and friends, brings out the competitive spirit in the kids, teaches them to be a good sport and keeps their body fully active.

  • Ezy Roller Classic:

Big Kid Toys Rental India

EzyRoller blends the control of a bike and the enjoyment of a scooter, still it is extremely unique, like no other big kids ride you have ever had. It is not a luge or a bike or a scooter, this toy moves like a snake without chains or pedals by using the simple right-left leg movements. It moves and turns silently and offers kids with the enjoyment of new locomotion chances which cannot be experienced on any ride-on. All the reputed toy rental libraries provide these big toys on rent for kids of age group between 9 to 12 years.

  • Giant Keyboard:

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This big kid toy has big 2.5m long keyboard with 24 keys and 7 different instrument sounds, so that your kids can easily step, press and dance for creating music. This toy saves and plays back the previous performances and comes with a proper volume control and a MP3 player dock.

  • Outdoor Croquet Set:

Big Kid Toys Rental

This is big kids-sized croquet set to be used in the garden or the beach and comes with two mallets, two balls and four numbered hoops. All you need to do is stick the hoops in the ground and take the turns hitting the balls one at a time from the hoops in the right order and the first person that completes the course wins the game.

  • Tumble Train:

Big Kids Toys

To start playing with this big kid toy, kids have to press the button on the smoke stack and as the train start moving, the track will tumble around everywhere encouraging the kids to get up and move to run after it! The train will then randomly reverse its directions often causing the track to revolve in random directions which will seize your kid’s attention! This is big kid toy will definitely keep your kids active!

So, why wait? If you are looking for the best big kid toys on rent then, choose the ones that your kids like from the above mentioned list and take them on nominal rent from the best toy rental library in India, Khilonewala!

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