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The Finest STEM Toys That Entertain and Enlighten Your Tiny Tots in Pune

Getting your tiny tots to use their minds while they are playing with their favorite toys in Pune has become more essential than ever. That is the reason why learning toys for kids have become extremely important presently. Making your kids learn early in their initial development age will set them up for an extremely successful learning career eventually.

The good news here is that it does not really mean that the kids have to sacrifice their childhood play and fun, all thanks to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) toys, these toys have been specifically designed to educate and entertain your kids while they are playing.

So if you want to buy a few STEM toys for your kids then, this post has got you covered with a list of top four must-have educational STEM toys for toddlers. Read on!

Take a Look at the Finest STEM Toys to That Entertain and Enlighten Your Tiny Tots:

  • Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit:

Toys For Kids in Pune

For growing detectives that dream of catching the criminals and solving mysteries, this amazing spy kit is just a perfect fit. The Little Sherlocks can match the fingerprints and DNA and interpret the secret messages through the tools this interesting toy for kids in Pune comes with. There are total eight activities and two interesting mysteries to solve for the kids. The kit also comprises flour, filters, a test tube, baking soda, citric acid, PH strips and a lot more to assist the kids act and think like a real and professional forensic scientist. This toy also comes with a step-by-step guide to help the kids understand how to use it properly. This toy is designed for kids of the ages 8 years and above and delivers a great approach to encourage kid’s interest in science or grow one which is already flourishing.

  • Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar Toy:

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This endearing and colorful code-a-pillar toy pulls kids in with a lot of fun and educates them something while they play. This toy comes with a motorized head which blinks, lights up and makes entertaining sounds. It has eight sections which enable it perform a wide assortment of motions considering on which way the different sections are being connected. As the kids get the hang of it, there are targets that they can try to create caterpillar reach through joining the segments properly. This toy is totally about trial and error and is designed for kids aged between 3-8 years. This toy exceptionally introduces the kids with the problem-solving and coding skills and is equally fun to play with.

  • GraviTrax Starter Set:

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This toy is easily available in the best toy shops in Pune and is adored by nearly all kids. It is a 120-piece construction set through which kids can quickly create unique-looking multi-level tracks, put up multiple gravity spheres to roll and race along with them and experiment with various heights and angles to alter the speed of the spheres. It comprises some fun tasks and blueprint tracks to be followed. And there is also a free GraviTrax app where the kids can design some difficult tracks and then see the track from the ball’s outlook. This is the traditional marble run taken through the neck and provided an incredible 21st century science twist. This one of the coolest and unique toys for kids in Pune which is highly loved by the kids. Kids find it great on how they can take it apart and then start again or create something small and then keep adding something to it.

  • Rainbow Counting Bears and Sorting Cups:

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Kids have had the counting and sorting bears for a really long time that you might keep finding them all over your house. Kids love playing with these toys and will have 10 of each color and one cup to match. They can easily count the bears and then arrange them into the cups. Counting is an interesting approach to create the basics of math skills for the tiny tots. It is very easy to teach a kid to repeat the words “one, two, three”, but they require connecting those words with the amounts of things.

You might have took a glance through the above mentioned list by now and understood that these best toys for kids in Pune inspire the kids and will help them learn and develop strong basics about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics while they are enjoying their playtime!

So, why think further? Buy these toys in Pune from the best toy shops and allow your tiny tots evolve as they play with their favorite toys.

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