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Combating Gender Stereotypes by Letting your Kids Play With the Best Gender Neutral Toys on Rent

Thinking of buying new toys for your kids? Then you must get toys on rent from the best toy library without any sort of gender ties. If you have taken toys on rent for kids before then, you might have noticed something a slightly different in the toys section- removal of gender labels on toys.

But are these blurring the lines between monotonous pink and blue actually good for your kids? Let’s find out!

Understanding the Need for Gender Neutral Toys for Kids:

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Pink and blue color are not really the problem, rather it is the meaning that individuals connect to those colors which makes it problematic. Many parents think that Barbie dolls are just for girls and Hot Wheels toys are just for boys, but the fact is that the Kids just adore playing, which is an integral part of their childhood and a direct window into their souls.

When parents bring their emotions into the mix that they risk changing the innocent approach by which kids observe a toy. Any parent that has witnessed their kids feeding a toy truck or making use of imaginary food to make a phone call indicates that kids direct the play. It is all about their imagination! Toys act as a vehicle for kids to express their ideas and feelings and having their own understanding about the world.

India’s No.1 toy library- Khilonewala, encourages the new-age parents to do the same and just allow their kids to explore his or her personal interests with offering them a wide assortment of gender-neutral toys on rent at economical rental prices.

Parents must understand the individual requirements of your son or daughter- like few kids like quiet play, while some of them have specific playtime choices such as safari animals, avengers etc., some of the kids like toys which create a sound and what not.

Give your kids the freedom to play without being judgmental and dividing what can they choose to play with. The new-age kids like to try hands on some new roles, so just let them be the way they want it to be.

If your daughter likes to play with the Star Wars action figures then, do not discourage her and similarly if your son wants to play with Barbie dolls or a kitchen set let him play with it. Moreover, kids’ interests and their playtime choices can change quickly, so through over-analyzing their choices for play is not just worth it.

Allow your kids to get totally involved and lost in their world of imaginations and let them think creatively.  The best gender neutral toys are wooden blocks, animals, instruments and vehicles. Parents cannot teach your kids to embrace differences if you stick them into a box and advise them what to play.

The Three Best Gender Neutral Toys on Rent for Kids:

  • Kitchen Sets:

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Get in touch with the best toy library in India and give your kids-girl or boy a kitchen set to play with. This kind of pretend play is very important for your kid’s cognitive and social development and human evolution. Your kids’ exceptional capacity for creative thinking comes from their imaginative playtime. Kitchen sets provide the mini-Master chefs several hours of entertainment.

  • LEGO:

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LEGO is one of the best building block toys for kids that help in developing fine motor, spatial and problem-solving skills in the kids. The basic LEGO blocks are perfect for both boys and girls because it encourages open-ended play and makes them stay at their creative best.

  • Musical Instruments:

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Like reading, music also comes with a myriad of benefits for the kids. In 2015, The Informal music-creation which happens in the home by 2-3 years olds (boys or girls) can lead to improved social skills, literacy, numeracy, attention and feeling regulation from an early age. Hand bells, drums, accordions, and guitars are found on most toy library in India that offers such toys on rent.

Parents must never just stop at their kids’ toy box, rather lay emphasis on the importance of creativity and self-expression for their kids in all areas of life.

There is no need to get worried if your daughter loves to play with a traditional boy’s game such as football or if your son is interested in imaginative cooking with a kitchen set, rather support them and prepare them with what they require to blossom and grow fully.

There is a lot being said about gender neutral toys on rent above, so parents just stop being concerned about their kids’ preferences for their playthings and set them free to choose and play with their preferred toys.

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