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Toy Library Franchise Pune


Thinking to start a new phase of your life by becoming an entrepreneur?

Looking for an inspiring idea for a low investment business for housewives?

Seeking financial self-reliance and a chance to bring more meaning/productivity/satisfaction to your life?

You don't have to look any further – all answers you seek will be found right here on this page!

Allow us to take this opportunity to offer you a unique proposal – a one-of-its-kind idea to start business with low investment in Pune! We present to you a business model, that involves minimum start-up capital, only 2-3 hours of your time daily for management and operations and a huge potential of success in a virtually competition free market! This is a business where you will get the chance to make children smile every day, become a part of their childhood memories and get to assist in nurturing their curiosity and imaginative capabilities. Does this sound like something you would love doing?

Welcome to Khilonewala – India's No.1 Toy Library!

The dynamics of our business are quite easy to understand. Parents face an incessant need to provide their children with huge variety of toys, play-things and entertainment tools to keep them engaged and their interests satiated. However, buying a new toy every time a child demands for one might not be an economically feasible option, no matter how emotional parents might get about it. This is where we step in!

The Khilonewala toy library offers parents with an endless supply of toys, stuffed animals, games, play-sets, CDs, DVDs and even books at easy to afford membership rates. All they need to do is join the library as a member so their child will get a vast array of things to play with. Isn't it a wonderful idea?

What Will Be Your Role?

After our initial success, we wish to expand the Khilonewala brand to the farthest corners of the country and beyond. If you are looking to take up our Toy Library franchise in Pune with small investment, NOW is your chance! All we ask for is an investment of Rs.2.25-3.75 Lakhs along with a dedicated 2-3 hours of your time daily!

We don't demand any royalty payments.. We don't want you to drastically change your life to fit this business in your schedule.. We don't even want you to spend a huge chunk of your life's savings in Franchise fees and business expenditure. We only wish to take your help in making the children of Pune happy!

What Are The Profitability Prospects?

One of the most unique features of the Khilonewala business franchise in Pune is the unique market that you will be catering to. Children account for almost 30% of the city's population. They are the most easy to satisfy customers you could have asked for. Plus, there are almost no other enterprises delivering a service like ours in the market! You can easily operate this business from your home which makes it a perfectly suitable venture for housewives and retired seniors!

So don't wait any longer! Use this business idea in Pune with low investment as your ticket to sure-shot success. Call 91 98935 63400 today to be a part of the Khilonewala Family!

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