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Rental Toy Library Hyderabad

Khilonewala Toy Library in Hyderabad: An Innovative Approach to Pamper Your Kids

In today’s era toys have opened an innovative world of imagination for children, their motor, emotional and social skills and overall development is very much dependent on the toys that parents choose for their kids. Toys have the extraordinary power to bring a lasting smile on your kids’ face, keep them engaged and feel pampered. But buying the new toys every now and then could put a big dent on your pockets. Considering this never-ending challenge, Khilonewala toy library in Hyderabad has come up with an innovative concept of delivering toys on rent in Hyderabad for kids of the age group of 1-12 years at extremely affordable rental rates.

Welcome to Khilonewala!

Khilonewala toys library in Hyderabad offers the most gigantic array and catalogue of branded and educational toys, dolls, action figures, stuffed animals, games, play-sets, puzzles, remote controlled toys, books, CDs, DVDs and outdoor games to enrich the motor, emotional, social and creative skills of your kids while they play with their favorite toys. So, stop wasting your valuable time and money on buying new toys that increases unnecessary clutter in your home, while Khilonewala is here to help you out.

Key Perks of Taking Khilonewala Toy Library Membership:

  • Get a wide assortment of latest and branded toys on rent in Hyderabad at reasonable rental prices.
  • With us you don’t have to fret about time boundations, rather you can keep the toys for as much time as you want.
  • You can modify your membership plan as per your requirements and budget limits.
  • No late fees charges involved.
  • We do not take any security deposit.
  • Free delivery of toys at your doorsteps.
  • You can also take toys on rent from our online library in Hyderabad.

How to Take the Khilonewala Toy Library Membership?

Taking Khilonewala toy library membership in Hyderabad is quite simple, all you need to do is fill in a simple contact form on our website or just give a call to become a Khilonewala family member. We would be really glad if you pay a visit to our toys library in Hyderabad with your kids and know what interesting stuffs we have to offer for your kids’ overall growth. Our membership plans are extremely flexible-with paying just Rs.300-500 per month, parents can get an easy access to hundreds of kid's entertainment tools and accessories.

Come and clinch this amazing opportunity to make your kids happy with Khilonewala toy library in Hyderabad, For further queries or to discuss about our membership plans, you can call us or visit our toy library.

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