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Rental Toy Library Kolkata


The bond between a child and his/her parents is just so special. Every moment spent by a parent in nurturing their child's growth, helping to expand his/her imagination and watching them enjoy and be happy is exquisite. Ask any person who is a father or a mother – they will be ready to just do about anything to put a smile on their kid's face!

And to help parents in showering their love over their child, here we present a unique and exciting new concept-an exclusive toy library in Kolkata with a huge range of playthings for children to enjoy in an affordable manner.

Intrigued? We bet you must be!

Introducing Khilonewala!

Allow us to take this opportunity to heartily welcome you to the Khilonewala family. Our online library in Kolkata for toys offers a huge range of playthings including puzzles, games, stuffed animals, play-sets, dolls, action figures, remote controlled toys, books, DVDs, CDs and more – everything handpicked to cater to the needs and interests of young children. We serve a very basic, yet important purpose – ensuring that parents never run out of interesting toys to provide their children with. And to ensure they do so in an affordable manner, we have formulated a unique concept whereby they can rent toys in Kolkata, through our highly economical library membership plans! Isn't this an amazing idea?

Khilonewala Membership Benefits:

Aside from the obvious advantage of getting to rent a toy in Kolkata, parents can also benefit from many add-on service features we offer including:

  • Huge range of toys and games to choose from
  • Age-appropriate books, CDs, DVDs and games for a combination of learning and fun during playtime
  • No limit on how long you wish to keep the material
  • No late fees and no security deposits involved
  • Free delivery of toys right to your doorstep
  • Facility to choose and rent toys online as well
  • Hygienic, well maintained and safe toys for your child to play with
  • If you have an infant at home, you can also rent baby toys in Kolkata from our collection.

Khilonewala Membership Process:

Trust us – taking a membership at the Khilonewala toy library in Kolkata can be the best gift that you can give to your child. To become a member, all you need to do is get in touch with us. Our website offers a nifty contact form for the purpose and you can also give us a call to discuss your needs with our library service representatives. However, we would definitely love it if you pay a visit to our premises and explore the heaven we have created for your child to enjoy.

Our membership rates are extremely easy to afford – costs ranging between Rs.300-500 per month only. You also have the power to CUSTOMISE YOUR MEMBERSHIP PLAN in accordance with the needs and interests of your child. Plus, the longer the duration of your membership, the better discounts you can avail from us! Things really don't get any better than this.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you need toys for your toddler or are looking to rent baby toys online in Kolkata, Khilonewala is definitely your number one choice! Become a member today.

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