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Rental Toy Library Pune


It seems every parent on this planet lives and breathes to provide for the happiness of their child. Whether you are a mother or a father, we can guarantee that your child is the sole focus and main priority of your life. You work, earn and spend, only to make your child happy.

But we also know that when it comes to providing for your kid's needs and demands is not that easy a task. Children have a very short attention span which means that they will get bored from their old toys in no time at all. We also understand that buying a new toy for your child every time he/she demands for one is not an economically feasible idea.

But does that have to mean that you should say NO to your child and wipe that happily expectant smile from his/her face? Wouldn't that be gut wrenchingly painful for you as a parent?

To help you resolve this seemingly impossible dilemma, we have come up with an amazing new solution-a one-of-its-kind toy library in Pune that provides you access to an endless supply of amazing toys and playthings for your child at a cost of just Rs300-500 per month.

Introducing Khilonewala – your chance to put a smile on your child's face through toys on rent in Pune, available in a library format with highly affordable membership packages.

What can you get from Khilonewala?

We are an exclusive toys library in Pune that offers a huge range of toys, stuffed animals, games, play-sets, puzzles, educational playthings, action figures, remote controlled toys, books, CDs, DVDs and even toys for babies and infants! No matter what your child might be interested in, our library will definitely be able to provide you with it. Our collection includes toys for renowned brands including Fisher Price, Funskool, Hot Wheels, Chicco, Disney, Little Tikes and more. High quality toys available at affordable rental rates – this really is a match made in heaven!

What are our membership benefits?

You may think that becoming a member of the Khilonewala toy library in Pune is just about getting access to a wide range of playthings for your child. But this is where we promise to surprise you! Our library membership comes with a host of value added features to sweeten the deal even further for you:

  • You can keep the material with you for as long as you want!
  • No late fees, no security deposit and highly affordable membership plans!
  • Power to customise your plan as per the needs and interests of your child
  • Facility to access our services as an online library in Pune
  • Free home delivery of toys as per your order.

  • Need more reasons to join? Check out the value that we can offer you!

  • Membership plans costing just Rs300-500 per month.
  • Hygienic, well maintained and safe toys for your child to play with.
  • Updated inventory to ensure the latest toys are within your reach
  • Huge collection of infant and baby toys on rent.
  • Longer the duration of your membership, higher the amount of discount!

What more can you ask for! Take up a membership at the Khilonewala toys library in Bangalore today to ensure the happiness of your child.

Plan Membership Package Membership fees Discount No of Circulation worth of material of total circulation Net Saving* Refundable security deposit
Exchange - Every 2 Weeks Plans
SILVER Monthly 350 0 2 4000 3650 750
SILVER Quarterly 1000 50 6 12000 11000 750
SILVER Half-Yearly 1900 200 12 24000 22100 750
GOLD Monthly 450 0 2 5500 5050 1000
GOLD Quarterly 1250 100 6 16500 15250 1000
GOLD Half-Yearly 2400 300 12 33000 30600 1000
DIAMOND Monthly 750 0 2 8500 7750 1500
DIAMOND Quarterly 2100 150 6 25500 23400 1500
DIAMOND Half-Yearly 4000 500 12 51000 47000 1500

Plan Membership Package Membership fees Discount No of Circulation No. of items ( Every 2 Weeks ) Total No. of iteam During Plan Refundable security deposit
Plan for Age Group 8 to 12 yrs
KOHINOOR Monthly 350 0 2 2 4 500
KOHINOOR Quarterly 1000 50 6 2 12 500
SUPER KOHINOOR Monthly 450 0 2 3 6 1000
SUPER KOHINOOR Quarterly 1200 150 6 3 18 1000

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