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Why Khilonewala?

In good old days when we used to buy toys from Khilonewala, who used to come to our streets with his stick, hanging all kinds of toys to it and shouting Khilonewala… Khilonewala. After hearing this voice we used to run out of our homes to have a glimpse of his collection. We used to fight with our mom to give us money to buy a few toys. But even after buying new toys, we used to get bored of those toys very soon, then we had nothing to do, we just kept crying but our parents never gave us any more money to buy new toys every time. We are the same child of that time, who can very well understand the psychology of both child and parent. So we came up with the idea of "Khilonewala" with a modern concept.

We know that in today's time it's not easy for us to spend money every time on expensive Toys, Games & Books due to increase in prices of necessity goods. Without compromising on quality & variety the best & the easiest way would be to RENT these items. In this way the amount spent on these items is minimized and there is no clutter in the household. Now you must be thinking about what is this "Khilonewala" & how is it different from the old Khilonewala?

Khilonewala is India's No. 1 Toy Library which rents Toys, Games & books to kids of age group between 1 to 12 years.

Khilonewala is changing the way kids grow and learn while they play. Khilonewala is not just a library it's an integration of education & entertainment, modernism and convention, learning & fun, development and exploration, strength & weakness, likes and dislikes, skills & knowledge, quality & quantity, mental abilities & physical capabilities, creativity & spontaneity, discipline & innocence , Intelligence quotient & Emotional quotient, caring and daring, expense & economy, & last but not the least reality and dream. All of this is depicted in what we do. We are committed to make your child's learning experience a great fun journey.

We use toys, games and books as a tool to make your kids learn while having fun. At Khilonewala we believe Toys & Games not only amuse, but also stir up ones imagination, stimulate creativity, improve power of observation & concentration. We have a variety of toys & games like board games, wooden games, mind games, logic development games, strategy games, puzzles, block games, drawing games etc. from national & international brands toys like Fisher price, Dr. Woods, Mattle, Little Tikes, Hasbro, Funskool, Skill-o-Fun, Ok play etc.

At Khilonewala we understand that "Books are a children's best friend", as we know that there are only two ways to gain knowledge; one through hands-on experience & other by reading…reading & more reading. So it's better to start early, in order to make it a habit rather than pastime. Reading not only develops language and critical thinking but also promotes independent learning. We have an incredible range of books to choose for your kid, which includes Pre School Books, Picture Dictionaries, Educational Books, Encyclopedias, Moral Stories, Flap Books, Touch & Feel, 3D Books, Large Print Books, Mythological Stories, Cartoon Books, Hindi Stories Books, Baby books, Beginner concepts, Early learning, Fairy tales, Rhymes and Poems, Inventions and Discoveries, Knowledge series, Atlas etc. Our collection is unique which will surely appeal to your kid. It will also be of immense help for children to learn a lot and to enlarge their span of knowledge.

Benefits of Khilonewala for Parents

  • Maximum edutainment in minimum expense
  • An innovative and economical way to meet your child development needs
  • Makes your child a life long learner
  • Reduces clutter at home
  • Gets all the things under one roof
  • Saves time , space and efforts
  • Home delivery of required toys, games and books

Benefits of Khilonewala for Child

  • Gets new toys, games and books every week
  • Increase there interest in learning through playing , reading and watching
  • Ever increasing demands are fulfilled
  • Fun way to learn
  • Develops intellectual and emotional quotient
  • Inculcates reading, understanding, creativity, imagination, observation, critical thinking & concentration
  • Learn to share and take turns
  • Help them to learn about themselves and the world around them
  • Most importantly to channelise their exuberant energy constructively!

So what are you waiting for... Come and become a part of Khilonewala family for experiencing the true magic of Khilonewala. We assure that you and your lovely kids will just fall in love with Khilonewala.

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