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Toy Library Franchise Mumbai


How do you see yourself a few years from now?

Does your vision for a successful future involve a prospering enterprise in Mumbai under your name with amazing growth prospects?

Are you on the hunt for franchise opportunities in Mumbai that require a low financial investments that will yield sizeable returns?

If yes, then the Khilonewala Family is all set to welcome you as a proud member of the clan! Become a franchisee of our revolutionary Toy Library business and get ready to usher in an era of profitability and success in your life.

A Brief Introduction about the Khilonewala Concept:

Allow us to elucidate our franchise idea and its relevance for the Mumbai market. Khilonewala is a one-of-its-kind concept in India that combines affordability and variety together in a neat little membership package. In a big city like Mumbai where cost of living is quite high, parents may find it difficult to buy new toys every time their child gets bored of the old one.

The Khilonewala Toy Library therefore, steps in to provide a huge variety of toys, games, CDs, DVDs and books on rent, all geared to cater to the specific interests of small children. With the fast moving, busy lifestyle followed by modern Indian families, our Toy library concept offers an amazing format for parents to nurture the interests, imagination and curiosity of their child's mind and bond with him/her, without having to drill a hole in their pocket! A neat idea don't you think?

Growth Prospects of the Khilonewala Toy Library Chain:

Ever since we introduced this concept in the market, the Khilonewala brand has grown leaps and bounds. One of the best things about our industry is our unique target market – children! India has one of the largest child population, between the ages of 4-15, in the world. Every third Indian out there is a child – a fact that opens up huge potential for franchisees for business growth.

Modern education in India is also leaning towards the use of the play-way mode of learning, bringing forth an era where children get knowledge from everyday games, playful activities and other engagement modes. These developments in the Indian economy, combined with the growth prospects exhibited by the Khilonewala franchise model, create a massive opportunity for YOU as an entrepreneur to do business and reap amazing profits.

Why Should You Start A Khilonewala Franchise India Business In Mumbai?

  • Our franchise terms and conditions are quite simple.
  • You can start this franchise in Mumbai with small investment – Capital of only Rs.2.25-3.75 Lakhs needed!
  • The business is risk free with virtually no competition whatsoever!
  • The enterprise will only take up 2-3 hours of your time daily.
  • We promise high ROIs and burgeoning business prospects for the future!


What more can you ask for! Become a part of the Khilonewala family and start your franchise business in Mumbai with low investment. Call +91 98935 63400 today to discuss your business plan!

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