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Introducing Khilonewala

Khilonewala is an award-winning concept which provides Screen-Free Engagement through Renting Branded Toys, Games & Books to Children from 1 to 12 years.

The Idea is simple

Play > Return > Get New

In simple words, Khilonewala is a bundle of Screen Free Engagement, Learning & Happiness at Home.

At Khilonewala, we not only provide Membership to parents to avail the service for their child but also offer an exciting Work from Home Business Opportunity which makes you Earn Decently, Work Flexibly & Stand Proudly.

How Does It Work?

To enjoy the benefits of the Khilonewala library, parents need to take a membership (subscription) for their child, and they will receive a Toy Kit containing branded toys, games, and books at their doorstep every two weeks

Why Trust Us?

Services Offered

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I want Bundle of Screen Free Engagement , Learning & Happiness for My child

Watch as your child dives into a world of discovery with activities that encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. The bundle is not just a source of entertainment; it's a gateway to a holistic learning experience that transcends the digital realm.

Parents Testimonials

My child was addicted to T.V. & Mobile. I tried everything to engage her elsewhere, but nothing worked. Then I got to know about Khilonewala services which offered Branded Toys on rent Service. After becoming their member, I saw that within a few weeks’ child 's screen-time has reduced drastically as she is busy playing with Toys provided by Khilonewala.


My Child always says to me “Mom, I am getting bored” & I know it was due to lack of engagement activities for her at Home. I found a solution in Khilonewala Toy Library which delivers a set of Toys & Books which keeps my daughter entertained every time. She is HAPPY, so am I. Khilonewala is truly a bundle of Fun, Learning & Happiness at Home


We used to buy expensive Toys for my Kids every now and then. But as a parent it was hurting our pocket a lot in today’s world. But after Khilonewala came to my city, I had a sigh of relief. It's helped us save up to 90% of our money. As a Subscriber, we have access to huge no. of Branded Toys on rent which are door-delivered.


We always pampered our child by buying lots of Toys which led to cluttered houses filling up our almirah & bed trunks with lots of unused toys which are outdated. As a Mumbaikar, space is always an issue. Thankfully Khilonewala subscription solved that issue for us. Now it’s too simple, we just PLAY > RETURN > GET NEW.


I was aware that children learn fastest while playing at young ages. So, when I found Khilonewala Toy Library I was attracted by their Multiple Intelligence Based Toys & Books collection, which helped my child develop 8 Types of Smartness. It’s truly a playful approach to develop children. I instantly took the subscription & now learning has become fun for my children.


As a parent I never knew what type of Toys are best for my child as per his age. This is no longer a problem as I am now a subscriber of Khilonewala where I have a flexibility to choose from the collection of 300+ Toys & Books spread across 75+ brands which can be sorted as per his age. It is difficult to answer that who is happier today – Me or my child.


Due to the rising cost of living I always looked for Value for money in whatever I buy. One such thing was the Khilonewala Library subscription which was providing way more Value than it was asking for. Their plans came with additional benefits like 'Reader becomes Leader Program,' 'Smart Break Facility,' and 'Gift the Joy' that makes the membership even more valuable.


Both me & my husband are working, and Kids are at home with the maid after school. That leads them to hangover with T.V and Mobile most of the time. This has made our Children dull & lazy. I was lucky to find Khilonewala & become its subscriber. Now my Children play with new Toys every time & that has transformed them to become Active & Creative. Thanks to Khilonewala for the kind of work they are doing.

  • 4 Lakh+ Toy Kit Delivered
  • 25,000+ Happy Parents
  • 30,000+ Kids Engaged
  • 75+ Franchise Centres
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Opportunities with Khilonewala

We help children develop, study, learn languages, enhance social and communication skills, and demonstrate their talents through play-based learning

Franchise Testimonials

Due to various family responsibilities, I could not go out of home to do any Job or Business. The Khilonewala franchise offers the same flexibility I've been looking for. I am today running the Franchise from my home that allows me to be there for my family while undertaking all business activities. It's the perfect blend of entrepreneurship & family life.


Rising competition on the job front & mounting pressure of increased cost of living was taking a toll on my finances. I started looking for ways to earn extra income by starting some business. Finally, I got the Khilonewala Franchise Opportunity which I am running successfully in my city.


I have been in a job before marriage, but it wasn’t possible anymore after marriage. But I was still looking to achieve financial freedom for myself. After searching for a few businesses, I became a Khilonewala franchise and again attained my financial freedom & supported my family with the additional income that too, running this business from Home.


As a housewife I always desired to start some business & run it successfully. Luckily my husband found a very good opportunity named Khilonewala which we found lucrative. I started it & that has helped me gain my self-respect & improve my self-image. Now I get the due respect as a woman entrepreneur amongst my family, friends & society.


I was looking for a business which would help me balance my work & life. I wanted to spend quality time with my Kids at Home. Then I saw the Khilonewala Franchise Ad which I explored and finally found its franchise. It offers a remarkable work-life balance while enjoying quality time with my family. The support from Khilonewala ensures I excel both professionally and personally.

Navi Mumbai

I always dreamt of starting some business which offers me good returns with minimal risk & is something innovative. Khilonewala fits on all criteria. For me Khilonewala isn't just a business, it's a source of fulfillment. As an entrepreneur, I'm impacting kid’s lives, spreading happiness and that's deeply satisfying. This venture has given my life new meaning while earning for myself.


Work From Home Business Opportunity

It’s completely royalty free franchise model

Yes, you can run his business from home with full flexibility of time. It just needs 4-5 hours of your time daily.

Checkout our franchise page for more details and enquire us. You can also call us directly.

Want to Start a part-time Business from Home which gives you Financial Independence, Flexible Working Hours & Work-Life Balance.

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