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Khilonewala stands out as an acclaimed initiative offering Screen-Free Engagement

By allowing parents to rent high-quality branded toys, games, and books for children aged 1 to 12 years, Our platform not only extends membership opportunities to parents seeking this service for their children but also presents an enticing Work-from-Home business prospect. This venture promises a fair income, flexible work hours, and a sense of accomplishment.

Join Khilonewala and embark on a journey where children revel in playful learning experiences, while parents can both benefit from our membership services and explore a fulfilling entrepreneurial opportunity.

The Idea is Simple

Play > Return > Get New

Khilonewala Franchise Model

Opportunities with Khilonewala

Collection of 300+ Branded Toys, Games and Books on Rent for ages 1 to 12 Years
Lot of Big & Party Toys on Rent with a complete Play Zone Set-up along with other Party services

Why Trust Us ?

Khilonewala Franchise Model Benefits

Actual Plan

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Do You Have ?

  • Time 4 to 5 hours a day
  • Space 100 - 150 Sq.Ft at home or shop
  • Investment Rs. 4 to 8 Lakhs in Toys, Books, Business Operations Materials, Set-Up, Franchise Fees & Territory Rigts etc..
  • Employee A Part-time delivery Boy

You Can Earn

  • Yearly Revenue 5 to 6 Lakhs
  • Operational Breakeven In less than 2 Months
  • Investment Breakeven In less than 12 Months

Franchise Testimonials


Due to various family responsibilities, I could not go out of home to do any Job or Business. The Khilonewala franchise offers the same flexibility I've been looking for. I am today running the Franchise from my home that allows me to be there for my family while undertaking all business activities. It's the perfect blend of entrepreneurship & family life.


Rising competition on the job front & mounting pressure of increased cost of living was taking a toll on my finances. I started looking for ways to earn extra income by starting some business. Finally, I got the Khilonewala Franchise Opportunity which I am running successfully in my city.


I have been in a job before marriage, but it wasn’t possible anymore after marriage. But I was still looking to achieve financial freedom for myself. After searching for a few businesses, I became a Khilonewala franchise and again attained my financial freedom & supported my family with the additional income that too, running this business from Home.


As a housewife I always desired to start some business & run it successfully. Luckily my husband found a very good opportunity named Khilonewala which we found lucrative. I started it & that has helped me gain my self-respect & improve my self-image. Now I get the due respect as a woman entrepreneur amongst my family, friends & society.


I was looking for a business which would help me balance my work & life. I wanted to spend quality time with my Kids at Home. Then I saw the Khilonewala Franchise Ad which I explored and finally took its franchise. It offers a remarkable work-life balance while enjoying quality time with my family. The support from Khilonewala ensures I excel both professionally and personally.

Navi Mumbai

As a parent I never knew what type of Toys are best for my child as per his age. This is no longer a problem as I am now a subscriber of Khilonewala where I have a flexibility to choose from the collection of 300+ Toys & Books spread across 75+ brands which can be sorted as per his age. It is difficult to answer that who is happier today – Me or my child


I always dreamt of starting some business which offers me good returns with minimal risk & is something innovative. Khilonewala fits on all criteria. For me Khilonewala isn't just a business, it's a source of fulfillment. As an entrepreneur, I'm impacting kid’s lives, spreading happiness and that's deeply satisfying. This venture has given my life new meaning while earning for myself.

most common questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Investment, Expense & Profits depend on the CITY you are setting up the franchise. So just fill up the FRANCHISE ENQUIRY FORM and we will share exact details with you on these and much more…

Khilonewala has a very small & flexible setup that can be started anywhere inside the house. You can start it in a separate room or even a common room will be sufficient, or if you have a small pre-owned shop that will also do. The space requirement is as low as 100 to 150 Sq. Ft.
Since we stack all the inventory vertically using smart vertical racks, the space management is quite efficient. Also, most of the inventory is always out on rent, we require very limited space for storage and running the library.

By becoming Khilonewala Franchise Partner you will become an entrepreneur as well. Your major Roles and Responsibilities will be to Execute & Manage 4 Major Systems in your Business to get Success i.e., System to Attract, Sell, Deliver & Grow
Don’t worry about the details of these things, we will give extensive training, material & support on all the above and much more… So just relax!

If you want to live a Life of Freedom where you earn Decently, work Flexibly and Stand Proudly this opportunity is for you. All you need is love for Children, passion for growth and entrepreneurial spirit.
Once you move ahead in the process, we will have a complete assessment before you come on Board as Khilonewala Franchise Partner. If we together are the right fit for each other we will be happy to have you as a part of our family, if not we will politely and respectfully say No to you. We want this partnership to be a truly Win-Win for both of us.

The first step for you is to fill up the FRANCHISE ENQUIRY FORM. Once we receive your enquiry, we will share the complete Franchise Model in detail with you. You need to check and connect with our team to resolve all your queries and they will be happy to share with you the next steps to take it further from there.