Bomb Disposal Expert & Funny Birds Deluxe Set

The player who makes the tower fall loses the game.The stacking board games are suitable for 2 or more players. It’s not only a good choice for your little one to play with their best friends, but also a perfect family game. 

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The aim of the game: To be the last person to move a block without making the tower fall. Build the tower by placing the blocks in rows of 3 and mixing the colors. Every row must be perpendicular to the previous one. Throw the dice to start the game. Remove one piece from the tower of the animal shown by the dice and position it perpendicularly on the top with one hand. Take turns to throw the dice. Make sure the top row is always completed.


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5 to 8 Years

Multiple Intelligence

Body Smart, Logic Smart, People Smart


Fun Games, Role Play, Strategy Games


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