Rocket 3D Puzzle

At Shumee the main focus behind all our toys is to make it Open-ended play which helps in exploration and discovery with learning happening naturally for a child. Each toy follows the philosophy of 90% child and 10% toy. Prioritizing child-safety, every Shumee toy uses natural materials & Lead-free paints.

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12 brightly coloured, adorable 3 D rocket puzzle with the 1 plus inch thick wooden Pieces. Helps your child learn the alphabet, numbers in a fun way. Assembly stimulates mental ability and fine motor skills. Sparks creativity and imagination. Learn the entire alphabet and count down while assembling the rocket and help get the astronaut and his pet take off into space. Perfectly sized for small fingers and hands to hold and assemble. 


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3 to 5 Years

Multiple Intelligence

Logic Smart, People Smart, Picture Smart


Fun Games, Puzzle Games, Strategy Games


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