Stack A Car

The car put together can be pulled along for a jolly ride and press the car top for squeaks. This stack a car toy is very safe to play with. It is so because high standards are maintained while designing this exciting toy.It's a wonderful product to keep the family members free of worries while …

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“stack a car” is a lovely toy to bring a cute smile on the little one’s face. It’s a brightly coloured toy, which appears to be very attractive to the child. Toot toot. Make way for a car with many possibilities. It comes with three compartments each of which can be taken out separately. They can be fixed back when the shapes are matched. This helps the child recognize shapes and also in hand-eye co-ordination. The detachable wheels with different shapes add to the fun. 

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1 to 3 Years

Multiple Intelligence

Body Smart, Picture Smart, Self Smart


Fun Games, Role Play


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