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Complete the puzzle. Puzzle play is an exceptional way for children to develop cognitive, physical, and emotional skills. As children work at solving our decorative and themed puzzles, they are also developing hand-eye coordination along with fine-and gross-motor skills. Problem-solving and logical thinking are also vital developmental skills that children learn by playing with Eduketive …

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This colourful puzzle set helps kids to recognize colours too. The puzzle made from strong environment friendly material and is double-sided printed occupies 12 different professions. How to play: Method 1: Choose an occupation randomly, Police Officer which is blue in colour. Gather all the blue pieces to find the related occupational tools/items. Complete the puzzle. Teach your kid about the occupation and explain the tools/items that are related to the occupation.

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3 to 5 Years

Multiple Intelligence

Logic Smart, Picture Smart, Self Smart


Card Games, Fun Games, Puzzle Games


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