All the Way Home

Debi Gliori's Dragon Loves Penguin was shortlisted for the 2015 Red House Children's Book Award, while her No Matter What is a perennial favourite with families all over the world.

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Daddy Penguin has to look after the egg while Mummy is finding fish. But he wanders away from the Dad Huddle and he and the egg are whisked up into the air by a gust of wind, landing in the Arctic. Brave Daddy must find out where he is and how to get home. But the Arctic creatures aren’t that friendly and he stumbles along in the cold, lost … until he bumps into a reindeer, who takes them to breakfast with the Special Air Navigation Transport Authority …Can brave Daddy Penguin and his new little one get all the way home before Mummy returns? If Only Penguins Could Fly…Framed as a secret story that loving Daddy Penguin only shares with Little One, adults and their little ones will love cozying up to read this wintry tale with a warm heart.

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5 to 8 Years

Multiple Intelligence

Body Smart, Self Smart


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