Learn Something New with Pepper

Pepper is adept at learning new things. In this collection of twelve simple, easy-to-read stories the situations dealt with are common to all children like throwing a tantrum, getting a stage fright, having a fight, or a sibling. Pepper teaches children how to deal with such difficult times. So read on and sow the first …

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It isn’t necessary that only adults have difficult times. Even children come across some difficult times and may find it hard to express what they are going through. in this book, Pepper provides kids with twelves stories that are easy to read and will show them how to deal with tough times. Children sometimes throw tantrums, are fussy, fight with friends and siblings, and even have stage fright. These stories will help them find a way to deal with all of these issues bravely and become confident and mature individuals. This is a book that even parents will appreciate, as it will help their children improve their behaviour. 

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3 to 5 Years, 5 to 8 Years

Multiple Intelligence

Logic Smart, Nature Smart


Reading Books