Peg Basher Fire Engine

The child can be taught on the actual use of a fire engine, along with the purpose of ladder, lights, the long winding hose and color of truck. This makes more room for imagination from the manufacturer the toy has various elements, graphically highlighted with colors that automatically make the child explore each component. 

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Toddler will love to play with this musical peg basher fire engine toy. With the action of bashing the colorful pegs using the ladder hammer, kids are rewarded with fire themed sounds and lights that excite their developing senses. Curiosity and discovery skills come into play with the shape and color recognition of the 4 pegs on the fire engine. The wheels move freely for an overall comfortable play time. 

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1 to 3 Years

Multiple Intelligence

Logic Smart, Music Smart, Picture Smart


Electronic Toys, Fun Games, Role Play


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