Bowling Set

The Six Pin Bowling Set is a colourful small version of the actual bowling pins. This set has 6 pins and one ball. This toy is made of natural foam rubber and is completely biodegradable. It is safe even for the a born baby. Soft, smooth and squishy, the Six Pin Bowling Set offers fun …

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Order the Rubbabu Bowling Set now and watch your child’s joy and development soar! The Rubbabu Bowling Set is made of non-toxic materials with no sharp edges, ensuring your child’s safety. You can trust in the quality and durability of Rubbabu Toys, as they are made with care in India. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide your child with a playful and joyous learning experience. Order the Rubbabu Colourful Children’s Bowling Set today and watch as your little one discovers the wonders of play and development!



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1 to 3 Years

Multiple Intelligence

Logic Smart, People Smart, Picture Smart


Fun Games, Strategy Games


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