Alpha Blocks

Teach them to build and guess words or let them play scrabble. Each set comes with 13 brightly coloured, carefully crafted 4 cm blocks made from ivory wood. It is as educational as it is fun. Classic wooden toy blocks with a unique twist made from child safe and eco- friendly materials.

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The best wooden blocks ever; these are the alpha. Never settle for second-best ever again. Build words or build towers, or you can do both. These unique wooden blocks are great for starting out for toddlers and graduate into reading blocks for the school goers. Let your child build a towering vocabulary on a strong base. Pick any block and you can made a word. Every colour-ful block has two letters. Teach your child about capital letters and small letters from the very first time they play with blocks. 


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1 to 3 Years

Multiple Intelligence

Logic Smart, People Smart, Word Smart


Block Games, Educational Play, Fun Games


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