Players spin the spinner and hope that it lands on a Cootie bug part that they need for their bug. Players build their bug piece by piece, and the first one to create a complete bug wins! It includes colorful and fun plastic bug bodies, heads, and other parts for creating crazy critters. Get ready …

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Kids can have so much fun playing the bug-building cootie game. Players roll the die and hope that it lands on a cootie bug part that they need for their bug. The first player to create a complete bug wins. The game comes with colourful, plastic bug bodies, heads, head accessories, legs, mouth pieces and eye pieces for creating crazy critters. As they play, kids can be creative while mixing and matching the pieces to make their bugs. What kind of cootie bug will your child build. Hasbro gaming and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

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3 to 5 Years

Multiple Intelligence

Logic Smart, People Smart, Picture Smart


Board Games, Fun Games, Puzzle Games


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