Remember Your Manners

Like all young elephants, Elly sometimes forgets her manners! In this beautifully illustrated story, Elly finds out how good table manners can make meals much more fun.

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Remember Your Manner” is a delightful children’s book published by Parragon, perfect for teaching young readers the importance of good manners in a fun and engaging way. Through charming illustrations and relatable stories, this book introduces kids to essential social skills, from saying “please” and “thank you” to being kind and considerate to others. With its gentle guidance and positive messages, “Remember Your Manner” makes learning manners enjoyable for children and helps them understand how being polite can make the world a nicer place. Ideal for parents and educators looking to instill values of respect and courtesy in children.

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3 to 5 Years

Multiple Intelligence

People Smart, Self Smart


Educational Books