Sweet Treat Waffle Maker

We don’t design the play, we design for the circumstances of play to arise. For your child to completely unleash their creativity and make unique creations, we do not provide any printed rule books, guides, or pictures with our toys, which ensures that they are not limited in any way and can create whatever they …

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Waffle Maker Toddler & Kids Pretend Play Cooking Toy Set
Sweet treat is a 7 piece set including the waffle maker, 4 waffles, a tong and play maple syrup bottle, 1 knife and a fork
Playbox has been handcrafting quality modern wood toys in India since 2021. Each toy is created with the intention of letting imagination and creativity thrive in children.

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3 to 5 Years

Multiple Intelligence

Logic Smart, People Smart, Self Smart


Block Games, Board Games, Fun Games


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