The Funskool Travel strike 4 is one of the most interesting games that children can play with. Travel strike 4 is a compact and useful game to have while travelling. Play strike 4 on the go This strike 4 game is one of the best Funskool travel games that keeps kids occupied for hours. It …

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Construct undetered towers with Topple board game. Roll the die and place the pieces on different levels of the board. Watch out! As more number of pieces are added to the tower it starts to turn and tip and sway which means higher the risk of toppling them down. Player completing a row of five and managing to add to existing rows or stacking them high (4 or more) is the winner. Includes game base, game dice, topple tower,

48 playing pieces and a game stem.

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5 to 8 Years, 8 – Adult

Multiple Intelligence

Logic Smart, People Smart, Picture Smart


Fun Games, Puzzle Games, Strategy Games


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