Wooden Leaf Puzzle

For your young child who is developing with their abilities a perfect Wooden puzzle can offer plenty of benefits. It helps in Hand-eye Coordination and leads to the development of Fine Motor Skills.   

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Puzzles for toddlers offers numerous benefits for your young child who is developing with their abilities a perfect wooden puzzle can offer plenty of benefits. It helps in hand-eye coordination and leads to development of fine motor skills. Puzzles help spatial understanding your toddler is just exploring space and sizes. Wooden puzzles would be an ideal way to encourage them explore what fits into what and how spaces work. Aids brain development it helps your baby work on their concentration. The child needs to understand how the puzzle works before attempting it so hence they are getting their problem-solving abilities sharpened here. It also helps with their cognitive development. Language development as adults we can guide through the process of puzzle solving by instructions. Words used to instruct and describe the parts of the puzzle will enrich vocabulary. We can also introduce colours, prepositions and here the names of the leaves.

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3 to 5 Years

Multiple Intelligence

Logic Smart, Self Smart, Word Smart


Educational Play, Fun Games, IQ Games, Puzzle Games


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